It's time to vote
for the sweetest sell.

It's time to vote
for the sweetest sell.

Eight semi-finalists defended their dough to our celebrity panel. Four pitches rose higher than the rest. Now it's your turn to decide which donut will win $10,000* and be sold at Tims.
*Paid in the form of a cheque.

$10,000 Grand Prize

Vote on the donut pitches.

Whose creation is the crème of the crop—the one with the best ingredients, story, and inspired donut idea? Watch each pitch video below and vote for your favourite once a day.

Donut 1

Ice Cream Sundae

Jennifer Veenvliet
Barrie, ON
843 Votes
Donut 2

The Big Canadian Red

Nikola Kostic
Toronto, ON
483 Votes
Donut 3

The Lumberjack

Judd Mah
Edmonton, AB
703 Votes
Donut 4

Love REESE'S® To Pieces

Jennifer Brown
Glencoe, ON
1793 Votes

1. Design Stage

We'll issue a design theme each week until August 1, 2014.

2. Pitch Stage

If your donut idea is chosen, you'll have to rise and defend it to our celebrity panel. The 4 best pitches move on to the next round.

3. Voting Stage

Starting August 18, 2014, the top 4 finalists compete for votes. It's up to the public to watch the pitches and pick the winning idea.